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Imran Khan shy of intimate scene!

Imran Khan shy of intimate scene!: He had to get steamy with a sexy gal in a bathroom, but it required Karan Johar’s convincing skills to get Imran Khan’s nod for the scene. Yes, it’s the first time that the actor, who recently got married to his sweetheart Avantika, has shot for an intimate scene for big screen.

Actually it’s a seduction scene: starlet Soniya Mehra goes on a date with Imran in the film Short Term Shaadi, and she wants to get closer to him. She rains kisses galore and she starts unbuttoning him, but he dithers because the idea of a romp in a bathroom cubicle is not what his sane mind approves of. He is a cleanliness freak, an obsessive-compulsive architect who’s fastidious about the correct placement of things. Later, to avoid the ravishing seductress, he turns on the shower and escapes. And this is how the scene, which is quite comical, ends.

According to Shakun Batra, the director of Short Term Shaadi, the inspiration for Imran’s character is Imran himself. She has just included his traits to model the character. The movie also brings on silver screen Kareena Kapoor and Imran as a romantic couple for the first time.

But to us, the character reminds of Ben Stiller from the Hollywood movie Along Came Polly also starring Jennifer Aniston, and we won’t be surprised to see the slight to stark similarities between the two films.