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Kareena-Priyanka catfight - much ado about nothing!

Kareena-Priyanka catfight - much ado about nothing!: A catfight between two actresses is always a welcome juice for wagging tongues. But the so-called catfight between Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra may be more of a media projection than an actual fact.

Kareena is famously known to have scorned Priyanka in a comment that insinuated that she doesn’t consider Priyanka an actress. Added to that, her remark about Priyanka’s phoney accent on a chat show did create some fissures in the once workable friendship between the two actresses.

Despite these subtle jibes, both the actresses haven’t taken the comments of the other to heart. At the press meet to announce the launch of the Nikon Coolpix Spring Series 2011, Priyanka, the newly named brand ambassador of Nikon cameras, was asked by a reporter what’s her response to the fact that Kareena doesn’t consider her an actress.

Priyanka was cool and composed in her reply: “Everybody has a right to their opinion. I consider Kareena an actress.”

On the other hand, Kareena, in a TV interview, has said that her comment about Priyanka’s accent was tongue-in-cheek and therefore not to be taken seriously. Kareena even went on to say that Priyanka was a fabulous actress.

That should set the record straight. After all, weren’t Priyanka and Kareena seen bonding like sahelis at an award function earlier this year?