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Shahid Kapoor with VJ Bani spotted together?

Shahid Kapoor with VJ Bani spotted together?: Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor appears to be appreciating his single-again status these days.

Although he has made up with Priyanka Chopra and brought her out for a ride on his Harley Davidson a few days back, Shahid Kapoor remains non-committal in the connection. No big surprise he was just spotted at a Bandra joint, liking the sustenance and sips with VJ Bani.

Bani has affirmed the excursion with Shahid. She declares that she and Shahid head off to the same exercise center and even work-out as one at times.

She goes on to join that she and Shahid were feeling eager that day and chosen to consume out as one unit.

Going by how animatedly Shahid and Bani were visiting, kidding and consuming, there's doubtlessly they are exceptional associates. Be that as it may is there anything more to the companionship?